Buyers would love to buy from you

Open Letter from your Prospect:

Dear sales guy,

Thank you very much for today´s meeting. I would love to do business with you. I have waited for someone like you for my whole life.

Unlike the other sales guys you did not

  • tell me about features of your product/service that were irrelevant to me
  • try to manipulate me and create a false sense of urgency
  • attempt to push me into making a decision before I saw benefits in your offering
  • come across as phoney, pushy and salesy
  • propose solutions before you even knew if I had a problem
  • shoot a standard series of qualifying questions on me
  • treat me like just a piece of budget
What you did is
  • you listened to me and asked questions until you fully understood my individual situation
  • you showed me that you are vulnerable. I felt a connection with you 
You came into my office and told me a story. While I listened to your story a vision formed in my mind. I believe that you, sales guy, are the right partner to help me transforming my vision to reality. 
Sales guy? I think I trust you. 
This could be the beginning of a long-term relationship. 
Your Buyer